Member. 15.3 12 C-Ultra AC/10 is clan ballistic weapon. C-LRM 20 4 C-ULTRA AC/10 1 C-TAG 1 . ES DHS Firepower: 90.00 Dps: 7.49 (21.39) dps. I've got a question concerning smurfy's mech lab and hope that you guys can help me out. However, aweMech is no longer be updated, maintained or developed. 13 Nov 2013. The Mad Cat Mark II is definitely not a very tanky … MechWarrior Online; MWO Reddit; Sarna.Net; MechSpecs RSS Feed; Building Tools. This is the Blackjack BJ-2 and brings something new to the Blackjack line, missiles. In short yhea smurfy help you share builds with others but is not a perfect mirror of ingame mechlab. Movement heat is not not taken in account (it's heat neutral), and it also doesn't count … I've been a way for a while so I don't know the mech's quirks as they stand now and it would be very handy! So there's still that! Smurfy's MWO Commando COM-1B Online Mech Lab … Watch Queue Queue. Nov 15, 2014. enileph, Nov 15, 2014 #5. don Zappo Advanced Member. Close. Is Smurfy's going to be updated with the quirks in the mech lab? Archived. smurfy has 56 repositories available. I have build hundreds of mechs trying to figure out how this game actually works besides whats common knowledge. Answered Question. Api sample for . 7 Nov 2013. Gaming News Mini-Blog; Latest Patch Notes; Most recent HOT Builds and News; Do You Play other Games, too? It would be nice to see the heat stuff reflected in the lab. all weapons currently have no range or max range displayed. 14.3 12 C-AC/10 is clan ballistic weapon. LSML differs from other similar tools such as Smurfy by the amount and accuracy of information it gives you. I have no idea if the individual here updated this tool or not. Ads and in-app purchases have been removed. Hi there, Thank you for the excellent API and data. Also remember you can check any mech on store and play arround with what you can build on the mech, but without spending any Cbills. Ads and in-app purchases have been removed. smurfys mechwarrior online reference provides the latest gamedata, a mechlab and maps. 1 Aug 2014. Posted by 7 days ago. Our task will be to take out as much enemy mech armor as possible and strike from long range to allow our teammates to get easy kills. The ANNIHILATOR is the new Inner Sphere Assault Mech added to Mechwarrior Online in the latest patch. Would it be possible to display the quirks on the mech currently being configured? We look over the difference between standard and XL engines and see how to equip and remove items from the mech. Either way, you still have a better UI than the devs. Fires single slug. The higher amount of detail about weapon sustain dps etc is just great and more accurate than any other tool. One year ago GNX created a competitive MWO team, initially just to try something new. So, for example, I configured my first mech according to this: I don't know what the color scheme means. Online Mech Lab Tools [edit source] This online Mech Lab tool will let you build any load outs without having to purchase the 'Mech or spend C-Bills first. smurfy's mwo reference Battlemechs; Equipment; Statistics; Mechlab; Maps; Donate; Today's hot mechs & Yesterday's; Last week's & December; November & October ; Statistics. Competetive Spider 5D Build. Which is pretty annoying actually but I aim for above 30% in Smurfy and 1.2 in MWO. I don't know what the color scheme means. LSML is an offline application which means that you will always have access to it even when you don't have Internet access. Game content and materials are trademarks and … 622 1 Mauler Specs Mauler Hardpoints The MAL-2P is the most laser focused variant, with six energy hardpoints and laser-specific quirks. However, aweMech is no longer be updated, maintained or developed. Adding a Mech Lab and Heat Simulator into the mix will take far more programming knowledge than I have. Useful Links. 14 comments. Smurfy and MWO use completely different scales that aren't comparable the way you are comparing them. Hey, Smurfy! Wow that's pretty awesome, nice to see a game related plugin. View Entire Discussion (2 Comments) More posts from the mwo community. It will be kept available as long as Google allows. 6 years ago. Sponsored Links. It fires three projectiles in burst each dealing 3.33.3 damage and is able fire twice before cycle ends similarly to Ultra AC/5 of Inner Sphere. AC/10 inner sphere version of weapon. More energy hardpoints than other variants. 91% Upvoted. share. Our integration of online build tools such as 'Smurfy's MechLab' and 'MechDB', as well as providing a rating system, makes the builds easy to browse and adapt. Posted by. I've created two apps for designing MWO 'mech loadouts. It fires three projectiles in burst each dealing 3.33.3 damage This differs greatly from AC/10 of Inner Sphere that fires single slug. The new version is for Windows Modern (aka Windows 8). Littlest Helper ; 8,028 posts Location The Far Country; Posted 24 September 2014 - 08:29 AM. 7 7. comments. Smurfy MWO Mech Builder Tool; Featured. Coming in at 100 tons, the Annihilator is the tallest mech on the battlefield. Blackjack 1X Brawler … The Best Shadowhawk 2D2 Brawler . House Steiner. hide. Also, developing an app for mechspecs currently only consisted of an easier way to view the forums, videos (and possibly smurfy tags). Takes into account. It will automatically read game data from your MWO install (if you have one) to give you up-to-date information from the latest patch. ON1-IIC-A XL 300 64.8 kph 11 HS 35% eff. Shadowhawk 2H (P) Damage Dealer. More mech madness and this time we've got a full screen mech lab! The original version was for Windows Phone and is the more mature of the two. Follow their code on GitHub. save. 33. This page was last edited on 24 April 2017, at 10:30. This thread is archived. And above all, enjoy the site! Answered Question. I tried out the Deathstrike for review and first impressions purposes as a long range laser boat. It also sports one of the most durable chassis in MWO's history and terrifying firepower with its 6 AC5s. API documentation. List of mechs sorted by most accessed on the site. Experience the Robot Simulation game that brought back the MechWarrior series and shook the genre by showing Battletech is back. So if you're a Windows Phone or Windows Tablet owner, here's some apps to help you design the next great 'mech loadout. I prefer the smurfy way of doing ehat than the one in mwo really, makes more sense. 428 46 32. epikt said: ↑ It's (sustainable DPS) / (max DPS), without perks unlocked (you can see it with perks unlocked in the weaponlab tab). Slow Fewer ballistic hardpoints than other variants. Get Connected! The DEATHSTRIKE is the hero mech variant of the Mad Cat MKII newly added to Mechwarrior Online. Light, Medium, Heavy, or Assault, the universe is waiting for your arrival. Category Blackjack. Interestingly has same ammo per ton as C-AC/5 and C-Ultra AC/5. The api is based on a RESTFul interface to access data and uses a simple api-key authentication. However, after the first taste of competitive play this evolved into wanting to see how far we could go. Since then we have participated in four tournaments, moved up in the competitive divisions, and refined our gameplay a great deal. It comes from the factory with Double Heat Sinks and Ferro-Fibrous armor. Contribute to smurfy/mwo-api-sample development by creating an account on GitHub. So thank you for that. Wonder if somebody could do that for WoW as well Do you have a demo link we can check out? Smurfy Mechlab; MechDB Mechlab; Kitlaan … Is Smurfy's going to be updated with the quirks in the mech lab? It will be kept available as long as Google allows. 23 Oct 2013. Interestingly has same ammo per ton as C-AC/5. Who is online? 2 years ago. I believe this has been ninja fixed in 2.0 already and I don't have a broken link to test with anymore so I will assume it is fixed until the issue resurfaces again. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Has an Ultra AC Jam Chance quirk. Register now, and join us on our discord for more MWO goodness! report. Today's hot mechs . The api-key authentication is only needed if … I have been using your tool over the years almost exclusively instead of smurfy/ingame (as long as the current build of mwo does not break it :) ). The first of a few loyalty mechs I will be going over. Back to top #5 TercieI. I've been working on a drop-deck builder for Comp/CW which requires the Map Data to be truly accurate i.t.o recalculating Heat Efficiency of mechs including quirks. Edited by EyeOne, 24 September 2014 - 07:52 AM. 11. Both apps are more touch / mobile friendly than smurfy's. If you haven't heard already, let me introduce you to the website that you'll want to use to design all your mechs. I play a few matches and critique the new UI 2.0 in MechWarrior Online! Two UAC/5s replace the standard four AC/2s. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue If you haven't heard already, let me introduce you to the website that you'll want to use to design all your mechs.